The Best Intentions by Michelle Major

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Is the new girl in town all she appears?

She needs a new start…

Not a new man.

Kaitlin Carmody is a woman with a past—one she’d like to forget. A string of bad choices led to a fresh start in the small town of Starlight, so when her boss shows signs of serious illness, she’s determined to help him the best she can.

But Finn Samuelson, her boss’s handsome, headstrong son, is certain Kaitlin is taking advantage of his father and running his family’s bank into the ground. When attraction overcomes reason, Finn must decide if Kaitlin is really a threat to his family…or its salvation.

Titles in the Welcome to Starlight series include – The Best Intentions – The Last Man She Expected (September 2020)

Title:  The Best Intentions
Series:  Welcome to Starlight #1
Author:  Michelle Major
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  March 1, 2020
Publisher:  Harlequin Special Edition
My Rating:  4.5 stars

The Best Intentions begins the new Welcome to Starlight series with a couple who have a lot of baggage to bring to this new relationship – and a lot of learning, adjusting attitudes, and accepting a different truth than they’d believed.  It’s an intriguing story that often had me wanting to either smack Finn upside the head or sit them both down for a serious scolding.

Small towns really can bring out the best and the worst in people.  Some simply want to help, others feed the rumor mill making life difficult for people who don’t deserve the looks, the whispers, or the outright lies.  Starlight, Washington is very much like that and the small bank that Finn’s father owns is, in many ways, at the center of this story.  Finn has a very convoluted memory of his childhood after his mother died.  And because of those memories, he had led a life far different from his father’s by leaving the small town behind, working in a different area in the banking industry – and holding on to resentments, anger, and yes, misunderstandings for a decade.  Fate brought him home for a short time, but it’s Kaitlin who is keeping him in town as he unravels rumors, and new to him truths that will have him questioning every decision he’s made for the last ten years.

I adored Kaitlin for many reasons, Finn I liked but he grew on me as his attitude changed, so for me, this was Kaitlin’s book.  She’s had a very difficult life and pulled herself up to start over in Starlight.  Kaitlin is loyal, kind, and stubborn.  She still views herself as what was in many ways.  Finn sets off sparks from their first meeting, and that feeling only intensifies as they learn truths and set aside assumptions.

I enjoyed The Best Intentions very much.  It is an excellent beginning to a new series.  Yes, there is some world-building, there has to be.  We will meet some of Finn’s friends and other people in town who will likely have their stories told in this series.  I’m looking forward to seeing how that teenage vow that three male friends once made slowly get broken as each finds a love worth fight for.  I had fun in this world and I’m anxious to get back to Starlight for the next book.  If you love a good, solid love story that will provide all the feels you could want, then this one is for you.

I own a Kindle edition of this book.

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