The Christmas Company by Alys Murray

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She’s out to save the town from a real-life Scrooge… 

The small town of Miller’s Point is known across the country for their annual Dickensian Christmas festival. When the festival is threatened by Clark Woodward, a miserly, big-city businessman, Kate Buckner steps up to save her hometown, their traditions, and her favorite holiday. But, along the way, she realizes that the man she’s trying to protect her town from might need some rescuing of his own. 

With a lot of heart and a little Christmas magic, Kate is convinced she can teach Clark to love her favorite holiday. But can such different people learn to open up and love each other?

Title:  The Christmas Company
Series:  — stand alone story —
Author:  Alys Murray
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Christmas Romance
Published:  October 16, 2018
Publisher:  Hallmark Publishing
My Rating:  4.5 stars

If you love any Dickens’ classic – If you devour A Christmas Carol during the Christmas season in any form whatsoever… then you’re going to fall in love with The Christmas Company.  It’s just that simple.

There is a little world building, there has to be, yet once I had a good feel for the location and the characters I fell quite completely into this story.  I could easily imagine a town that is Dickens obsessed and the anger, sadness and confusion at something so precious to everyone involved being threatened.  Still, there are always two sides to any story and learning Clark’s reasons tugged at my heart and I really hoped for healing for this man.

Kate loves everything about Christmas, her hometown and the festival that is so close to her heart.  And while the people of Miller’s Point are understandably angry and upset, Kate is seeing through the surface actions of Clark to something beneath the top layer that he so grumpily shows everyone.  There is real pain hidden in this man’s eyes.  As she sets out to show Clark just what the festival means to the community she’s also beginning to worry more about the man behind the decision.  It’s probably foolish to dream that they might have a personal happy ending in all of this, but Kate isn’t going to to let that thought hold her back.  She’s determined to save the festival, her hometown… and the man she’s come to love along the way.

The Christmas Company is an emotionally tender Christmas Romance that will certainly engage your emotions.  I adored Kate from the beginning, and to be frank, Clark had to grow on me a bit but once I saw him through Kate’s eyes he stole my heart as well.  If you’re looking for a feel good Christmas Romance that will grab your attention, warm your emotions and give you a very satisfying happy ever after… then I’d not hesitate to recommend this story for your Christmas reading list.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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