The Wish Maker by Melissa McClone

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At Christmas, sometimes even impossible wishes come true…

One word changed Wes Lockhart’s life forever. Cancer. Fighting for his life completely flipped his priorities, making him realize he wanted—no, needed—to use his billions to help others find the kind of second chance he’d been given. The first person he intended to help? The beautiful, kind, and dedicated oncologist who got him through his treatments and ushered him into remission. And what better time than the holidays to become her not-so-secret Santa?

Dr. Paige Regis has spent her entire career helping others, often at the expense of her personal life. She’d love to start a family of her own—but with her current patients and her plans to open a brand-new cancer center, it seems like an impossible dream. It’s not until she reconnects with the charming Wes that she realizes he might be the man to make all her Christmas wishes come true.

Can Wes and Paige open their hearts to the magic of the season—and each other—to get a shot at their very own Christmas miracle? Or will past hurts and doubts end their happily ever after before it even begins?

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Title:  The Wish Maker
Series:  The Billionaires of Silicon Forest #2
Author:  Melissa McClone
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  December 5, 2019
Publisher:  Cardinal Press, LLC
My Rating:  4.5 stars

The Wish Maker is the second story in The Billionaires of Silicon Forest series by Melissa McClone, and I’m having such an amazing time with these believable, likable, realistic characters.  Sure the guys are billionaires but they are such a crew of brothers of the heart that their wealth is secondary to their personalities – most of the time.

Wes has survived cancer, he fought a hard battle yet now he’s in remission with a second chance at life – to say he’s a changed man in some ways is very true.  He’s also a man with deep regrets who is living in the past allowing those mistakes to take over his future.  Paige is a dedicated doctor with a vision to help even more cancer patients with the new cancer center.  She was also one of Wes’s doctors when he was fighting the lymphoma, so she’s seen him at his most vulnerable and rejoiced when he went into remission.  Now thanks to a bit of Christmas magic, some last-minute desperate fundraising needs and maybe the jolly old elf himself, Paige and Wes are about to discover who they truly are outside of the hospital where they once spent so much time together.  Friends only because Wes won’t allow for anything more.  Paige has dreams of that perfect family for her own future and is hesitant to be with Wes – but as friends only, helping with the cancer center relationship works for them both – until they each want more and they each react differently to that knowledge.

I fell in love with this couple.  Their tender sides, the hesitancy to even hope for more, the cautious believing that happiness had finally found them – and then I wanted to reach into the book and grab Wes by the collar before he did something totally stupid – but I missed and he did it anyway!  This one is emotional on several levels with a close group of friends who aren’t afraid to tell you how it is to your face and who also have your back no matter what.  I believed in them all, they came to life – and that is what I want a good story to do for me, transport me into another world that I can completely enjoy.  I had such a good time with The Wish Maker and would not hesitate to recommend it to any Romance reader who loves believable characters, a strong secondary character cast, realistic situations, and love overcoming stupid mistakes.  I can’t wait for the next story in this series.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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