Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts #1

Posted January 29, 2015 by Marsha in This one's a Keeper / 4 Comments

unConventionalBookViews_Meme-ThirstyThursdayHungryHeartsThere is a fun new meme going on over at (un)Conventional  Book Views.  Lexxie is hosting the Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts weekly list of food and drink.  😉  More specifically what food or drink from a recent read of yours would you like to try or never in a million years touch.  You can find details, sorta rules and the sign up linky by clicking on the graphic or on the bold link above.

I really wanted to join in on this because it sounds fun – and get to be in the very first part of a new meme.

But for the life of me I could not remember a mention of food or drink in anything I read recently.  🙁

Then it hit me:  donuts

A dozen donuts.  Pure bliss.  Not the last meal of legends, but it worked.

Box balanced on her knees, she fished out a white powdered donut and crammed half in her mouth.  Strawberry filling coated her tongue.  Hand under her chin, she caught a little red glob on her palm before it escaped and licked it off.  After the trouble she’d gone through, she wasn’t wasting a drop. ~ from Eternal Neverland: Steps Before the Fall by Natasha Rogue.

*wipes brow*  Yay, found one in the memory banks.  Now I’ll have to keep an eye out for food as I read.  😉

A favorite fantasy of mine is to eat however many donuts I want – and it would never add an inch to my hips or a pound on the scales.  Yeah, right.  A girl can dream.

How about you?  Read any good food or drink lately?



4 responses to “Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts #1

  1. Marcy

    Hi Lexxie,

    Thank you. It was fun 🙂 I wish you great success with it.

    I’ll be back – now my notes on books I read require food and drink notations too. 😉

    • Marcy

      Hi Lola,

      I really had to dig deep to pull up that memory for this today.

      I know, I actually did buy donuts when I went to the store earlier. The power of suggestion 😉

      Cookies are good, really good 🙂

      Glad you stopped by.