Three Dog Night by Roxanne St. Claire

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Alex Santorini puts his family first and foremost, and that’s going to keep him behind the grill at the family restaurant for the rest of his life, especially if his Greek grandmother has anything to say about it. But when a local winery needs a chef to step in to cook for a celebrity wedding, Alex jumps at the opportunity to showcase his culinary skills…and a chance to get closer to the winery owner who has captivated – and refused – his attention.

Grace Donovan is in a bind and knows that the answer to all her problems is one sexy Greek chef who has everything she needs…and everything that scares the hell out of her. Raised in a series of ever-changing foster homes, Grace has spent her life using science and logic to surround herself with protective walls. With all his passion and intensity, Alex could burn those walls down and, like everyone else in her life, leave her broken and alone.

As Alex and Grace join forces to land the wedding of the year, they also launch a search for the mother of three puppies abandoned at the winery…only to discover a shocking connection to Grace’s own mother and her shadowy past. When the truth comes out, their romance faces its greatest test. Will Grace choose the family she’s wanted her whole life…or the love she may never find again? 

Titles in The Dogmothers series include — Hot Under the CollarThree Dog Night – Dachshund Through The Snow – Chasing Tail –

The Dogmothers is a spin-off from The Dogfather series – a listing of those titles and links to review posts can be found on our Roxanne St. Claire page.

Title:  Three Dog Night
Series:  The Dogmothers #2
Author:  Roxanne St. Claire
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  November 8, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

If you loved The Dogfather series, (and if you don’t know what that is then you should really, really check it out!) then you’re gonna adore the second title in the spin-off, The Dogmothers, Three Dog Night.  Really, all you need to know before picking up Grace and Alex’s story can be found in the Cover Description.  Yet what that can’t tell you is how much you’re going to be emotionally invested in this story because Grace’s backstory is sure to bring a few tears to eyes along the way.  And Alex is so much more than we first realize.  Plus you have lots and lots of relatives who wander in and out of scenes, two “Odd Couple” matchmaking grandmothers who take that job very seriously… and puppies.  How can you possibly go wrong with any story involving cute, adorable, mischievous puppies?  So, you are going to be emotionally involved – there’s no way to avoid that.  And really, why would you want to for it’s the emotions that Three Dog Night will draw from you that make this story so realistic, believable and totally enjoyable.

It would be very easy to end up “telling” you Grace’s and Alex’s story, so I’m going to be short to avoid that temptation.  While it would be easy to be annoyed with Grace, especially early on in this story, the fact is that both she and Alex have issues that have never been dealt with.  Those pesky emotions that say one thing in your mind while logic screams in your ear something far different.  Watching them both grow, not only together as a couple, but as healing individuals was a powerful journey.  I, frankly, had my heart broken and healed many times in this story – and I don’t think it could have been played out any differently.  To get Grace and Alex to where they needed to be they had to grow through the pain of that passage.

Puppies.  Can we talk puppies now?  Adorbs.  Loved these little ones and they fit so perfectly into their own story as well as Alex and Grace.  Watching the “Dogfather” family come together to care for and protect these puppies was one of the most enjoyable parts of Three Dog Night.

I had a fantastic time back in this world once again.  Got to reconnect with old book friends, learn a bit more about extended new family members, and watched two people who really, truly fit together just right work their way to a happy ever after that makes perfect sense for them.  If you love a really good love story, characters and situations that are completely realistic, and the promise of a happy ending – then you need to pick up Three Dog Night – like now.

I own a Kindle edition of Three Dog Night.

Available in paperback and for the Kindle



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