Throwback Thursday: Wings In The Night series by Maggie Shayne

Posted January 15, 2015 by Marsha in This one's a Keeper / 0 Comments

WingsInTheNightBundle1KindleLong, long ago before there were sparkly vampires.  In the days of imagination taking flight through an author’s words only.  There was the Wings in the Night series by Maggie Shayne.

I have three all time favorite series or ongoing novels.  Wings in the Night was the first in that list – the other two were added years later.  I go back and re-read these books all the time, so it really is no surprise to me that the brainstorm for Throwback Thursday on Keeper Bookshelf starts off with this, my all time favorite vampire series and now ongoing series.

And now I have to add one more series to that list since now there is the new series Wings In The Night: Reborn!

My favorite character from all the novels has to be Rhiannon.  She is strong, sexy, regal and one seriously badass vampire.  And she is also the hostess of the new(ish) website devoted to these fantastic creatures at created by Maggie Shayne.  If you’re a new or old, devoted fan you will want to check out that new website.

Over at there are two really great deals on Ms. Shayne’s earlier Wings in the Night novels.  In the bundles of Wings in the Night bundle part 1 and Wings in the Night bundle part 2 you’ll find six novels (in each part equals 12 great  novels) for your Kindle or using a reading app. for your desktop at a really great price.  Honest, I went over and got them in e-reader format for myself just to have then safe on my computer where they will live forever.  🙂

(and yes those are affiliate links in the above paragraph)

Individual reviews of the novels making up the entire Wings in the Night series will come in a later post on Keeper Bookshelf.  For right now, I wanted you to be introduced (or reminded) of this awesome series and encourage you to check them out.

May all your nights be twilight-filled.