Time Masters: First Assignment by Geralyn Beauchamp

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Cozette Duprie is mute, in hiding, and not of this world.

Duncan Cooke must marry to inherit a family estate, but marriage is the last thing on his mind …

Dallan and Shona MacDonald almost died when brought together, now the Muiraran Elders want them to be responsible for bringing together two individuals that want nothing to do with each other? How are they going to do that?

For one, they must travel to the mid-1800s to a little town called Clear Creek, make sure the couple bonds, marries, and joins. There’s only one problem, she’s Muiraran, he’s Human.

They had enough trouble themselves in the mid-1990s. How much more so bringing a Muiraran and Human together in 1859? But there are other forces at work and an old enemy at hand.

Can the Time Master get the job done before it’s too late? 

Titles in the Time Masters series include — The Call – The Prophecy – The Legacy – First Assignment –

There is a connection to the Western Historical Romance series by Kit Morgan (alter ego) entitled, Prairie Brides.  Duncan and Cozette’s story is the third, ‘His Prairie Duchess‘.

You can also find more lighthearted adventures with Dallan and Shona in the Matchmakers in Time series, those titles include — Christmas with the Cookes – Teatime with a Knight – Dancing with a Prince –

Title:  First Assignment
Series:  Time Masters #4
Author:  Geralyn Beauchamp
Genre:  Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Published:  March 14, 2020
Publisher:  Angel Creek Press
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I had such a fun, delightful time traveling along on Dallan’s and Shona’s First Assignment, the fourth title in the ‘Time Masters’ series – and we get to go back to Clear Creek for a visit as well.  Two favorite authors (one person), two favorite series – I’m in book heaven right now.  And I get the feeling that we’ll be returning again one day for more insight into one small town in the growing West of the 1800s, now that I’m looking forward to.

Just like the town of Clear Creek has grown and developed over several series now, the same can be said for the ‘Time Masters’ series… in that Dallan and Shona’s world is built story after story, and to step in mid-stream (so to speak) might be jarring for some readers.  Oh, you could step in at First Assignment and enjoy yourself.  But you wouldn’t get all the background, all that has brought this couple and their friends to this point.  Some previous events are mentioned, but only in a general fashion.  My suggestion?  Just dive in and enjoy yourself, what you really need to know from either series is mentioned in some small way so you won’t be lost.  But if you have the time, or if you’re like me and need to start from the beginning of any series, then you’ll enjoy seeing how Dallan and Shona began their epic love story.

It was fascinating to see a story that I’d enjoyed (His Prairie Duchess) from a different viewpoint, that of time travelers with a mission.  It’s the same story in so many ways, yet there are nuances that enhance that original story greatly.  Cozette’s and Ducan’s story was one that touched me when I first read it, seeing their love match from a different perspective was a very enlightening experience.  I loved seeing old book friends with a different ‘eye’, and there were laughs, tears, suspense, and some adorable creatures to enjoy as well.  (Loved the cameo as well! *wink*)

If you love a good Time-Slip, if you enjoy heading to the West when it was wild and untamed, or if you simply love a good love story – then everything you could possibly want and already enjoy can be found in Time Masters: First Assignment.  I had a blast, and yes I’ve been vague for you should experience this firsthand.  Pick this one up soon and get caught up in the adventure – I bet you’ll be hooked onto both series (if you aren’t already).

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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