To My Book Loving Friends: Be Safe!

Posted March 16, 2020 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 4 Comments

It’s a crazy world out there, isn’t it?  The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is real, it’s not a hoax, it’s not a joke – it’s here on American shores and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  It will get better, we simply have to get through the “Now” into the “Future” as best we can.

My family prepared, as much as we could, over the past few weeks.  My son and I both fall under that “risk category” – I’m 60+ with a history of lung issues, he’s immune system is already compromised.  So.  Shit got real for my family not this past week, but when the outbreak began and started to spread across the globe.  No, we do not have 100 packages of toilet paper (really people?), but we have the basics to get through this first panic-induced buying up everything on the shelves phase.  From here onwards we will do the best we can, that’s all any of us can do.  (Harley over there has her toys, her cat to torture, and her food so she’s got no cares in the world right now 🙂  Ah, the life of a pet.)

Although I knew this was coming our way (in spite of hoax talk from the highest level in our land), it still hit me over the last 3 or 4 days.  Am I scared?  Oh, hell yeah.  But.  We will get through this.  Still, I’ve not done much that I’d call productive lately.  Oh, I’ve read lots, but haven’t yet posted reviews.  I’ve spent mindless hours in video games escaping my own reality for a bit.  I look at that time as my own mourning for life as it was before the virus, and from today onward as life dealing with the impact of the virus on our lives.  For now, we do not have the Coronavirus.  We are definitely social distancing.  We both already work from home.  We are limiting contact with others, we are protecting ourselves as best we can – and can only hope that those friends who do not yet “get it” will eventually understand.  *shrugs*

What bothers me most, right now, is the attitude of some people who strongly believe that it’s only that 3% of the population who will die from this – and “they’re already old or disabled so it won’t affect me”.  Yeah, I’ve heard it on talk programs, in the news, read it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. – and it boggles my mind that someone could care less if they go out to a crowded bar, become infected or a carrier of the virus, come home to hug grandma and she comes down with COVID-19, but the “she’s old anyway” mindset is in place, family or strangers.  Just boggles my mind.

Anyway.  This is the world’s reality for the foreseeable future.  And we deal as best we can.

I’m going back to work.  I have reviews to write, very sad plants to transplant, laundry to do, and simply go on about my life.  What other choice is there, really?

So, my reading/book-loving friends — Be Safe Out There, Wash Your Hands! — hang tough, we will get through this, it’s just going to take time, caution, and lots of prayers.



4 responses to “To My Book Loving Friends: Be Safe!

    • Marsha

      All we can do now is be aware, take care of each other and loved ones, think before taking actions and get through this. I admire you for taking the self-isolation stand as so many are not thinking that way – yet anyway.

      I hope your parents do well through this as you will as well. Be safe, and come out the other side wiser and alive – that all we can do at this point. Sending virtual hugs and support your way.

  1. Marsha, I’m in the same age group of you, and must admit that I am finding this both fascinating and scary. While my writer’s brain is soaking up the details for future use, the wife and mom in me worries about the people in my family. My husband and youngest son, while both healthy, are prone to respiratory illnesses, so that’s worrisome.

    Stay safe! I will too. And hopefully those of us over 60 will survive this virus b/c we’re smart enough to stay away from crowds and public places, and of course, frequently wash our hands.

    Sending you hugs and love…

    • Marsha

      It’s like stepping into a whole new world right now — how often do we touch our faces, rub our eyes, scratch our noses without a thought of “oh crap, need to go wash my hands now”. My heart goes out to the people who are already affected by this virus in countries I’ve never visited, people I do not know. Funny how something like this can make the world a truly much smaller place, even as countries isolate themselves from the rest of the world.

      What’s that saying?… survival is the best revenge? Then I say we get revenge on this virus and make it through to the other side alive, well, and a lot wiser, more thoughtful of those around us.

      It’s fascinating to world people watch through the various outlets on this. Some people do amazing things, like the breaking into song from the balconies in Italy to others buying up needed supplies and price gorging a $3.00 pack of masks for $120.00 on Amazon… yeah the differences in how we are reacting reads much like a sci-fi novel right now.

      Be well, stay safe.

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