Water Bound by Christine Feehan

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Water Bound cf

Water Bound begins Christine Feehan’s newest series Sisters of the Heart.   This series takes us right back to the time frame of Hidden Currents, the last in The Drake Sisters series…literally where one story ends, the scene changes and we begin again with “sisters of the heart” who also happen to live in Sea Haven – right down the road a bit.  (already in the first novel of this new series we find familiar characters – so our favorites from The Drake Sisters will most likely make appearances here as well)

Rikki Sitmore is a sea urchin diver.  She and five other women who do not share bloodlines but a chosen bond of creating their own family live on a large property in Sea Haven.  Each “sister” has her own reasons for shutting out the outside world and allowing only a select few into theirs.   Each has her own “special” talent.

Rikki has a unique relationship with water.  She loves being in the water, on the water and surrounded by water.  For water fights the fire that she fears is within her.

Lev Prakenskii remembers little more than he has the instincts of a killer, the actions of a survivor and a very bad feeling that he is not going to be able to leave that life behind without a fight for the man within.  Lev’s solid memories begin with the life saving stare of Rikki’s eyes.

Rikki had completed her first haul of sea urchins back to her boat.  As she stood on the deck, preparing to dive once again her shocked gaze was drawn to the huge wall of water rising up out of the ocean seconds before the wave hit her boat, knocking her overboard.  As she tumbled through the turbulent waters, quickly fitting her regulator into her mouth she feels a sudden impact as a barely conscious man slams against her.  He has no diving gear on, and is being battered against the rock shelf.  Rikki reaches him and begins the slow ascent upwards as she shares her air.  Lev knows that he is in trouble, but understands little else.  The woman who’s eyes compel him to live, to reach the surface together – has no idea of the man he is – nor does he.

Rikki and Lev are two souls that need each other, have finally found each other… but are afraid of what danger they will bring to each other as well.

Without giving away too much of the story.  Rikki is fighting her own demons, and she is stalked by a very real danger.  Lev is danger and is willing to do everything within his power to walk away from a past towards a future with his mate.

Rikki is a very unique character.  Christine Feehan has created this wonderful woman with such tender care.  Rikki’s world is not our world.  Her world holds boundaries that will never be totally broken.  But with the love of a man like Lev and friends like her “sisters of the heart” she blossoms like a tightly folded rose into a woman of courage.  I like Rikki.

If you enjoyed The Drake Sisters series.  If you love Christine Feehan’s novels.  Then you are in for a truly enjoyable read as the start of a new series takes off like wildfire.

Highly recommend.