You Never Forget Your First Earl by Ella Quinn

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With her three good friends all recently married, Elizabeth Turley is ready for some husband-hunting of her own. One gentleman in particular sparks her interest. Geoffrey, Earl of Harrington is tall, handsome, and dashing. He’s also just a bit too sure of himself. But Elizabeth has observed enough about the rules of attraction to pique the earl’s attention. Yet once she has it, the discovery of a troubling secret taints her future happiness.

Lord Harrington must marry or lose a prestigious position in Brussels, and pretty, well-connected Elizabeth fits his needs admirably. But could it be that he has underestimated his bride? She doesn’t bat an eye in the face of the danger they encounter overseas. She’s strong-willed, intelligent, and more enticing each day—yet also more indifferent to him. Now Geoffrey faces his greatest challenge: to woo and win his own wife, or risk losing her for good.

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Title:  You Never Forget Your First Earl
Series:  The Worthingtons #5
Author:  Ella Quinn
Genre:  Regency Romance
Published:  May 29, 2018
Publisher:  Kensington Books 0 Zebra
My Rating:  4 stars

You gotta love a completely clueless about women and love hero – and that is exactly what Geoffrey is… clueless.  He’s been assigned a diplomatic position in Brussels and he needs a wife, right now.  His first choice went and married someone else, for love no less.  Geoffrey wasn’t interested in love, he doubted its existence even when several of his friends have found or said they were in love with their wives.  No, our hero had a list of qualities his bride  must possess – kind of like running down to the shops and picking out a bride from aisle 4.  Geoffrey is in for some educating, some head turning, a bit of confusion and maybe if he’s really lucky he will realize that he loves his bride before he loses her, too.

Elizabeth has come to the ending of the Season with no groom to sweep her off her feet, no man who thinks the stars shine in her eyes or that she’s the only one who can make him happy for the rest of their lives.  No.  Didn’t happen for her.  Yet, all might not be lost, the one man she is attracted to and wouldn’t mind getting to know better is in need of a wife.  Can she set aside her vow to only marry for love in the hopes that Geoffrey will come to love her one day?  It’s a gamble, but one she’s going to take – even when she overhears a conversation that never should have been had in the first place.

I enjoyed You Never Forget Your First Earl very much.  It’s easy to talk about Geoffrey as a man without romance in his heart, but that isn’t entirely true.  This man truly is clueless about love, and even when he’s trying he keeps missing the mark.  I liked Geoffrey, I don’t think he can be described, he needs to be experienced to see that he is a man with potential he just doesn’t realize it yet.  I loved Elizabeth, she’s smart, determined and convincing in her role as a diplomat’s wife.  Geoffrey may not know it yet but he has a true jewel in Elizabeth.

As always, Ella Quinn spins a tale that is enticing and entertaining.  If, by some chance, this is your first time reading Ms Quinn then I’d suggest going  back to the start of The Worthingtons, you’ll find them all well worth your time.  If you love Historical or Regency Romance then You Never Forget Your First Earl should be on your to read list.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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